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Thanks to your input and feedback, we've progressed to the draft recommendations phase of this project. Links below include analysis and draft recommendations for corridor improvements.


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Corridor Overview

This study evaluates strategies to improve safety and mobility along 13th Street through Downtown Columbus. The study begins near the Chattahoochee River Bridge @ Broadway Avenue, and extends east to 5th Avenue. The corridor is approximately 0.4 miles long and posted for 35 mph. This corridor is predominantly business/commercial uses, with four- and five-lanes of travel, curb and gutter, on-street parking, and six (6) traffic signals. The study corridor ends just before the large bridge that crosses over the railyard. Marked crosswalks are present at intersections, and sidewalks are present along both sides of the corridor.

The primary objective of this study is to provide the most appropriate safety enhancements that may include traffic calming, sidewalk repairs and extensions, intersection upgrades, and/or signing and marking improvements.

We have used your feedback to fully understand how this corridor functions for daily users. Traffic counts, turning movement counts, and crash data can only provide one side of the story. Feedback from you, the citizens who drive, ride, walk, or bike along these corridors has been essential to this process. Thank you for contributing to the survey and interactive map. 

Tell us who you are, and how you use this corridor. Please also share with your friends on social media. We need as much feedback as possible to better understand your needs for the corridor!

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You know this corridor better than we do. Help us understand how it’s used, where its problem areas are located, and begin to describe some of the potential solutions that should be considered.


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the survey and map have been closed. Thank you for contributing!

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